CRB has a very active mining portfolio, which is co-headed by Charles Rwechungura and Cyril Pesha with Ms. Pendo Shamte as deputy head and assisted by Ms. Brenda Mrema. Mr. Rwechungura brought to the firm his vast expertise in the mining industry developed during his time at REX ATTORNEYS as head of a similar portfolio.

In its short lifespan the firm has provided high quality services to its clients ranging from:

  • Helping Greenfield investors to establish corporate presence in Tanzania
  • Conducting mineral rights due diligences
  • Giving binding opinions for various purposes
  • Advising in the negotiation of joint venture agreements
  • Acting as Tanzania counsel and giving legal opinions to stock exchanges to help companies operating in Tanzania to raise money on overseas stock exchanges.

Flagship Clients:

  • Orica Mining Limited
  • Hemisphere Resources
  • Cradle Resources Limited
  • African Barrick Gold Plc
  • Mantra Resources Limited
  • Kabanga Nickel
  • Handeni Resources Inc.
  • Shanta Mining Company Limited and its affiliates
  • Shanta Gold Limited

The Managing Partner was listed in the 2012 Edition of the “who is who” in the mining law industry in Tanzania and was among the two profiled